a pro-kanye story

first off-this button is the greatest conversation piece i have ever made. i should do a project about the interactions that i’ve had around it. a vegan chef actually remembered me from the manifesTO performance because of the button (is this a backhanded compliment that he didn’t actually remember my name?! laughs..) but i was almost ousted from the studio at 90.3 and little old ladies were chasing me down in harlem to ask me if i really liked “that bad boy”? and it goes on and on. in general, i feel like i’m one of the only pro-kanye folks out there, and if you wanna talk about it, we can. it’s always nice to meet another kanye supporter, especially when it’s an unexpected one. this story is dedicated to a fantastic woman in my writing workshop last week who completely surprised me. the workshop leader asked who the button was, i told them all “kanye”, a girl assumed the usual haterade-infused posture and whined, “aaaw…why?” and i adopted my firm stance that i would halt any further discussion if whining parties have not actually listened to any of his albums, and the woman dont the post is about very calmly asks, “which album? because i’ve listened to some”…and i once again took the opportunity to wax verbose about college dropout. she replied, “oh yea, that was a great album. my favorite was the comments calling out bush on katrina. he’s going to have to do a lot more than take the mic from taylor shift to lose favour in my books.” aw yeaaaaaaa! IN YOUR FACE! it’s always nice to see the people who bought and listened to the record that might not be in my immediate circle (though she is now). that’s how hip hop lives….and that’s the beauty of kanye. stop hating. for reals.


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