the way forward is with a broken heart-alice walker

“We are not even the only ones not speaking to each other. Across America elders are not speaking to each other, though most of us will find we have a lot ot say, after we’ve cried in each other’s arms. We are a frightened, brokenhearted nation; some of us wanting desperately to run back to the illusory ‘safety’ of skin color, money or the nineteen fifties. We’ve never seen weather like the weather there is today. We’ve never seen violence like the violence we see today. We’ve never seen greed or evil like the greed and evil we see today. We’ve never seen tomatoes either, like the ones being created today. There is much from which to recoil.

And yet, Stranger who perhaps I am never to know, the past doesn’t exist. It cannot be sanctuary. Skin color has always been a tricky solace, more so now that the ozone has changed. After Nature is destroyed, money will remain inedible. We have reached a place of deepest emptiness and sorrow. We look at the destruction around us and perceive our collective poverty. We see that everything that is truly needed by the world is too large for individuals to give. We find we have only ourselves. Our experiences. Our dreams. Our simple art. Our memories of better ways. Our knowledge that the world cannot be healed in the abstract. That healing begins where the would was made.” (285)


One thought on “the way forward is with a broken heart-alice walker

  1. “And so she had ‘won’ him away and they had spent a decade and a half deconstructing every impediment to their intimacy. Racism and colorism were scrutinized. Sexism confronted head-on. Classism studied as if in a class. At the end of this process, which taught them more than could be imagined prior to daring it, they realized they had other areas of study elsewhere, and with other mates.” (233)

    “The week I left Tripper he was still interested in making love to me, and suggested a ‘good-bye fuck’ even though my body had not for many months expressed the slightest desire. In fact, it had expressed just the opposite, with its pancake-flat nipples and a vulva so dry I’d thought I’d prematurely entered, ‘the change.'” (246)

    the rest:

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