hip hop world-dalton higgins

“Due to the severe mainstreaming of hip hop culture over the last decade, (Adam) Mansbach believes that white youth might no longer feel the need to have any real contact with the black communities who create the music, because now they “feel invested in hip hop, feel the right to claim it, partly because they have invested their money, their time.”

He explains: “You’ve got a huge generational shift in terms of how hip hop is consumed-from underground to overground, from in person to virtually-and what it means in terms of race is that white kids don’t have to ever be in black spaces, don’t even have to be in the minority, don’t have to contend with whether they’re trespassing by participating in hip hop, because they’re doing it all from the privacy of their homes. Or they can become part of insular all-white hip hop communities; there didn’t used to be enough white listeners for that to happen. So, the upshot of it all is that hip hop, in the last fifteen years, has gone from being one of the only sites in American life where…white kids were forced to think about race, privilege, and appropriation to a space where white entitlement remains intact and goes unchallenged.” (51)

yesssss. thank you. this is a great point. way more important than john mayer.


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