know what i mean? -michael eric dyson

“Metaphorically speaking, black home spaces, which are externalized, now become global resting places for other people. After all, folk from Japan to Frankfurt have adopted black styles and experimented with black cultural forms like hip hop. Blackness has become a metaphorical home for people who are seeking self-definition in the midst of a global culture of flux and stretch and process and flow. And if flux and stretch and process and flow are the means by which some forms of technology are taking off and mediating content, then what’s happening is that the larger society is simply tapping back into what black folk have done from the get-go.” (36)

werd. coincidence that my first real connection to a hip hop crew was the roots? and my real-life interactions have been most meaning-full with nomadic massive? i think not. also, i’m “settling down” the same year as the iladelph…really, there are no coincidences.


9 thoughts on “know what i mean? -michael eric dyson

  1. “While black music at its best has often supplied a supplementary argument for political change, it is not a substitute for actual politics. And if you don’t have a vital political movement, the music can only go so far. It can help alter the mind-set of the masses; it can help create awareness of the need for social change; it can help dramatize injustice; and it can help articulate the disenchantment of significant segments of the citizenry. But it cannot alone transform social relations and political arrangements. Politically charged music can reinforce important social values, but it cannot establish them.
    It’s unfair to charge hip hop with a political failure that it was not accountable for to begin with.” (67)

    the rest:

  2. also, i was gonna throw up the “tip drill” video that caused such a ruckus at spelman but:

    a) i could barely watch it
    b) i’ve heard so much about the swipe scene, and the version that i got cut it off at the end (BOO!)
    c) i really don’t want to have it here, if people wanna see it, they know where to find it
    d) i decided that this discussion was more interesting-what “tip drill” really means:

  3. because michael eric dyson (damn, people with many first names, my late-developing dyslexia can’t handle you!) doesn’t actually talk about that..and also because none of the explanations on urban dictionary can account for the turnaround, when the ladies say “it must be your wallet ‘cuz it ain’t your face-you’re a tip drill”, thoughts?

  4. on all of it? come on..i know that’s not true. wait. which twin is this? did you refuse to give me your cherry on halloween or not?

  5. Aw man! You’re never gonna let me live that down, huh? I ain’t even really all that into cherries. Thats what I get for wanting to try out a Mai Tai on my birthday. Sheesh.

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