everything but the burden-ed.greg tate

“In the reality that is our daily human existence, Eminem does not exist. He never did. But he is a real product of the American dream-a character born out of our nation’s collective unconscious, our inborn predilection to produce parallel images or identical psychic shapes common to all men. He is conjured from what we think of ourselves and what we think of others. He is born out of The Jerry Springer Show, South Park, Jack Kerouac, Carl Van Vechten-all part of a dream, and within this dream there is a dream. Singling out Eminem as an archetype of race perception and performance in America is a shallow undertaking-the composition of his character has its history within the context of the American dream, which is now a conundrum of dreams within dreams. Dreams may be difficult to interpret-because they are, after all, indistinct metaphors and allegories of fantasy-but the dream of race and its performance in American culture is not difficult to track. It has a history, and that history comes with presupposed rules and presupposed character traits that are familiar to us all.” (34)

“Lily and Richard were a revolution, because they based what they did on real life, its possibilities,” Lorne Michaels, the producer of Saturday Night Live, told me. “You couldn’t do that kind of work on network television, because no one would understand it…Lily and Richard were the exemplars of a kind of craft. They told us there was a revolution coming in the field of entertainment, and we kept looking to the left, and it didn’t come.” (123)


5 thoughts on “everything but the burden-ed.greg tate

  1. from “The Black Asianphile” by Latasha Natasha Diggs:

    “Maybe I’m being harsh, but needless to say I take Asian and black intermingling on screen pretty damn seriously. Romeo was a bad joke….Perhaps Aaliyah kissing or having a nipple in Li’s mouth would have disturbed a number of black penises. Perhaps these would be the same brothers we see sporting a fetish for Asian women in current hip-hop videos. Perhaps Aaliyah and Jet embracing would have disturbed Asians, blacks, and whites.” (200)

    damn, if someone needs to tweet…and be my new best friend.

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