ok, so i believe in signs, and nothing is ever a coincidence, but this is kind of nuts. yesterday, i came across the two films that were made based on t.d.jakes’ novels (woman thou art loosed and not easily broken). both star fairly big names and are well-acted. honestly, i’ve never really thought that morris chestnut was all that deep, but maybe the problem is that i only remember him opposite gabrielle union. but it’s kimberley elise who steals the show…she’s amazing (i’ve always thought that-set it off, beloved, etc. etc.) but the comparison has to be made to diary of a mad black woman for all kinds of reasons, right? in fact, having the two dvd covers made me wonder what tyler perry had over the bishop, because by my count-it’s better without the cross-dressing (not that i have a problem with that, but when it’s done all doubtfire like, i can’t help but feel that it’s mocking…). i feel that the drama and the humour is done better, and the fact that settling in to my spot at mcgregor park, i look across and see t.d.jakes’ book before you do staring back at me. weird…right? while i do have to say that the common thread between perry/jakes’ work that i don’t appreciate is that the reason that so many relationships are dysfunctional is because the women are at the root of it (and we need a man to teach us how to get over the hurt), i appreciate the nod to cycles and generations of violence and the beginning of the conversation. oh, and as a weird aside, i just read a character in one of amy hempel‘s stories that wearing bigger clothes makes you look smaller, and someone just echoed that in a this american life podcast, which is curious, because it wasn’t been my experience, as a huge whale living in viet nam drowning in muumuus. whatevs.


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