One thought on “the collected stories of amy hempel

  1. “My libido, what is left of it, flows in your direction. By the time I recognized you in the bookstore and boldly asked if I could buy you a cup of coffee, I had already constructed you in my mind, even though a voice in my head cried out: Don’t confuse the painting with the painter-let’s not forget the example of Picasso!” (274)

    “I couldn’t tell if Warren liked me. Always there is a point when you can tell, when most people can tell. It takes longer for me. And then I’m angry with them, for it being so hard to tell. And whose fault is that? I think this is another assumption I have made a life without. I am like those people who hold grudges for what someone has done to them in a dream.” (283)

    seriously. so delicious, her mind. i’m entering the competition with palahniuk as her biggest fan. here’s the rest:

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