red and me-bill russell

“You could say we treated each other as equals, but I shy away from the words “equal” and “equality”. Sometimes,the implication is that one person who is somehow superior tolerates a “lesser” person. It almost becomes smug.”How liberal of me to accept you as an equal!” That actually suggests inequality, because it doesn’t acknowledge the other person’s humanity. In my entire relationship with Red, there was never even a hint of him treating me patronizingly as an “equal”, as if it was a special favor that was his to dispense. So instead of saying we worked together as equals, I always called us “co-workers”. We had a job to do on the Celtics, and as part of this job we each had a different assignment-but we needed each other to get it done right.”(51)


2 thoughts on “red and me-bill russell

  1. sports bromance, there’s nothing like it:

    “Real friendships have ups and downs. Over time, there will be things the other person does that you don’t like. But they’re rolling hills, not mountains. You just say to yourself, “I wouldn’t want it any other way because that’s the way he is.” The other person shouldn’t have to compromise who he is, or change a thing about himself, to be your friend. You cannot base a friendship on illusions. I express my friendship equation this way: My ambition as your friend is that my friendship is a positive influence on your quality of life. If I am able to accomplish that, it will enhance my quality of life.” (54-55)

    the rest:

  2. I fathom why Mr. Russell has lasted so long and keeps going strong after that piece. I also understand the reason that the people who are my peeps are still my peeps. I thought i should add what i think but when i read that passage it echoes my brain waves. The oddity of a person is classified under my terms of superhero-ism. “That thing about a person is a power in a sense, to tamper with it would throw off the equilibrium of the atom-sphere” Now why you wanna go and do that? Let the sebaceous gland sniffers have their aroma therapy………it’s far better than the land of robots of today. C.Truth

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