the crazy makers-carol simontacchi

“During the 1991 Gulf War, in a marketing campaign disguised as a spirit of patriotism, all military personnel were provided free supplies of aspartame-laced soft drinks (along with experimental vaccines, nerve gas antidotes, and personal insecticides). Keeping in mind that aspartame degrades into methanol in temperatures exceeding eighty-six degrees and temperatures in the Gulf region were far higher, soldiers were potentially exposed to criminally high levels of methanol. Is methanol poisoning from aspartame the possible cause of Gulf War syndrome, which has affected more than 50,000 military personnel? This is a question that needs to be answered, not only for the unfortunate victims of this syndrome but also for those of us who have struggled with symptoms for which we find no causes, related possibly to the artificial sweeteners in our favorite foods.” (193)


3 thoughts on “the crazy makers-carol simontacchi

  1. the ‘tames and the ‘loses are not that much better..

    “During the earlier part of the twentieth century, periods of food shortages provided doctors with a unique opportunity to study the influence of processed foods on the health of entire nations. During World War I and World War II, when people often couldn’t afford such luxuries as sugar and white flour, or these foods were restricted by the government, they resorted to eating fresh vegetables, whole grains, and limited amounts of beef. Researchers found that the incidence of chronic disease and death dropped during these periods of deprivation.” (19)

    i guess we eat better when we have nothing as well…if you still think it takes more time and money to eat and cook real food, you’re so sadly mistaken.

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