the collected works of john leguizamo

“My upbringing is probably most remarkable for its transitions, and in many ways change has been the leitmotiv of my life ever since. We were constantly moving, so I went to a different school every year. Every year I had to make new friends and get used to new faces, new bullies, new girls, and new teachers. I lived in Bogota, Columbia till I was five; then Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, east Elmhurst, Astoria, and Jamaica, Queens; Manhattan’s East Village, West Village, uptown, downtown, midtown. Pick any of the many armpits of New York, and I’ve lived there.

My parents kept moving, but I found them.” (174)


2 thoughts on “the collected works of john leguizamo

  1. “If I had a bad day and was angry, it would be an angrier show. If something tragic happened that day, my performance would reflect that. That’s what makes theater the most incredible kind of performance art. It’s the most honest. On film you do take after take until you finally feel the right emotion or they can cut away from you if you just don’t get it and infer it another way. But onstage, the audience knows if you’re there or if you’re faking it.” (87)

    and life is a cabaret, baby.

    “You’re either in the moment or you’re not. Which is really ideal, since you learn to respect yourself and leave yourself alone. Live performance is still the most organic of all media. Because it’s not done with machines or editing, it’s got all the imperfections, all the mistakes, and all the magic of real talent.” (89)

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