speed-booking gerrard/ashdale’s response

to keep toronto reading this month. wow. my only question is, why does all the good stuff have to be for the teens? i mean, forget speed dating, that stuff is nonsense, i tried it years back-i’ll tell you the story sometime. but speed-booking?! telling your favorite book to a bunch of people around a room? sheer genius! i saw this posting when i accompanied anabel to her swimming lessons, because i was still going through the withdrawal of her parents going home. it was on the wall at the community centre on the corner of pape and gerrard (sorry, the name escapes me at the moment…). either way, it’s a great idea, as good as the pratt library (in baltimore)’s paws to read initiative-dogs and the library?! my favorite things! bigup to lisa heggum for hipping me to the fact that pasha malla will be at the book exchange at the reference tonight. it’s good to be back, toronto.


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