why white kids love hip hop-bakari kitwana

“Wigger: a young white who wants desperately to be down with hip-hop, who identifies more strongly with Black culture than white. (What’s disturbing about this expression is its racist implications: if white kids down with hip-hop are “wiggers,” what does that make Black kids down with hip-hop?)” (113)

brilliance. pure brilliance. that alone is worth the price of admission (free-ninety-nine from the forest hill branch)


3 thoughts on “why white kids love hip hop-bakari kitwana

  1. “This criticism implies a conspiracy of whiteness. More than a conspiracy, a rarely discussed variable in the large number of young whites who love hip-hop, work in the hip-hop industry and are anxious to see one of their own compete on the same level with Black rappers. It is no secret or surprise that many were excited about Eminem.
    That said, there are also those working in the media outside of the industry who wield influence and frantically await the great white hope-be he a boxer, a European NBA star or a rapper. Likewise among those not to be overlooked are baby boomers, again outside the industry, seeking to understand their children’s fascination with hip-hop. They can’t stomach an Ol’ Dirty Bastard or relate to a DMX, but they will at least hear Eminem out. This white x-factor is also a testament to the fact that Blacks don’t run the business of hip-hop, a much more substantial argument to make for those who really want to delve into the arena of protest politics.” (153)

  2. “If Yousman, Beebe and Middleton are even partially correct, then this unspoken but growing trend among mass audiences to expunge Blackness from hip-hop is reinforced by the myth of hip-hop’s primary white audience. The trend emerging at the same time that hip-hop studies is entering the academy. Will it ensure that hip-hop scholars who are white fare better than those who are Black?” (104)

    um, yes. unequivocally. absolutely. there is so much jackassery going on right now in academia around hip hop studies that i want to punch a whole bunch of people in the face. but not enough to join the ranks, so bigup to everyone who is doing the work from the inside, but a nod to how difficult it must be. “so next time you go see that shrink in beverly hills, instead of asking how much of your time is left, as how much of your mind is left” for really reals.

    the rest: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&bID=532547993

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