without fidel-ann louise bardach

“Ted Turner has been visiting Cuba since 1982. “We spent all night drinking and smoking cigars,” Turner said of his first visit. The two iconoclasts bonded instantly and found time to hunt and fish together usually while drinking. “He told me CNN was invaluable to him,” said Turner in 2001. “And I thought, if Fidel Castro can’t live without it, we ought to be able to sell CNN all over the world. So the idea came from a commie dictator.” Turner added that “Fidel ain’t a communist. He’s a dictator just like me.” (19)


One thought on “without fidel-ann louise bardach

  1. “In domestic and personal matters, Castro was courtly and discreet, not unlike his conduct with foreign visitors. While he enjoyed a multitude of romantic liaisons, remarkably almost none of the women involved have sought to publicize or to exploit their relationship to him. It is a tribute to his character that he created sufficient goodwill among his many amantes that they have resisted profiting from the relationship.” (35)

    the rest: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&bID=533103794

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