porny stories-eva moran

this is the passage that made my mouth drop open in the metro:

“I look under my arm and see, what I see is Scott making like he’s kissing my ribs but really, really, he’s gulping up the trail of green ferries he’s purged all over my back. Translation: Scott Brown is eating his own absinthe vomit off me.” (53)


“Writers are the bottom of the art/sex barrel and they know it. If “Do you really want me? (Do you like my writing?) Me? Are you sure? (What did you think of chapter 3?) You’re sure it’s me you want? I’m not sure it’s me you want (Why don’t you ever like what I write?)” seems like foreplay to you, then you are almost ready to date a writer.” (78)


and, for can-con:

“Who I have heard of is Margaret Atwood. And that’s really what I was there to see: the master herself. She was there-two rows down from yours truly: me, an M.A. long-time admirer.” (83)

“When we get back he’s going to publish an extended version of it called These Are The Daves She Knows. You know, to appeal to the Kids in the Hall generation.” (149)


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