cross-x by joe miller

“The book costs $4.50. “I begged my mother for one,” he wrote, “but like many children in my class living in poverty I was told ‘Maybe some other time’.” He went to the library, and the librarian gave him one. “I guess there’s a lesson here but I’m sure many teachers would disagree,” he continued. “Yes, disagree. That lesson: stop creating elitist standards and rewarding stickers to ‘superior’ students because all you’re doing is making sure normal kids like me don’t get anywhere in life.” (58)

“In an interview with PBS, he said that he had “visited at least six different federal prisons, and the conditions of federal prisons are far, far superior to the condition of these schools.”…..The remedy plan was a “tragedy” and a “disastrous, debilitating delusion.” In one major speech he said, “This ludicrous court order does nothing more than rob Peter to pay Paul when Paul doesn’t need the money and Peter doesn’t have it.” (135)


5 thoughts on “cross-x by joe miller

  1. “On June 12, 1995 (Clarence) Thomas joined four other justices in striking down the underlying premise of Kansas City’s desegregation case, ruling that Judge Clark had overstepped his constitutional authority. “It never ceases to amaze me that the courts are so willing to assume that anything that is predominately black must be inferior,” Thomas famously began his concurring opinion. At one point in his long written opinion, he could easily have been talking about the old Central: “Black schools might actually benefit blacks because they can function as the centre and symbol of black communities, and provide examples of independent black leadership, success and achievement.” (142)

    “Yeah. White women. They were the ultimate racists, Ms Rhinehart. They, they’re like: ‘Well, I have to cook dinner.’ It sucks for them because they just looked at black people and worried about their dinner cooking over that. There’s no ‘Let’s include their revolution with ours.’ It was like: ‘You shut up! I gotta get my rights first!'” (179)

    the rest:

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