sugar sugar sugar jones, y’all

you know you’re bad when old broads bust out their cellphones to try to capture your image to take you home with them. it was a cold afternoon in dundas square, but maiko watson (of sugar jones’ fame) rocked it. i rolled up on the cutest dog interaction (see flick) and if you look closely behind the shades (as i did), you’ll see that this is another sj alum. considering that i’ve received a press release from andrea henry and julie was part of a recent girls’ action foundation campaign, that only leaves mirella unaccounted for. not bad for the first graduates of the canadian popstars, who, despite the one-hit wonder, actually boast pipes that danity kane could only fantasize about. despite the fact that maiko’s leaving of the group shortly after it formed so she could sing backs for her then-husband remy shand, coincided with their moment in the sun, their legacy will forever remain in the hearts of us who will never be too embarrassed to reminisce to that song (even as we ride in the cars of neo-yuppies). at any rate, it was great to see homegirl in the spotlight, and not as some dood’s muse. take up space, maiko, because it’s not a high school dance.


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