buying cigarettes for the dog-stuart ross

from The President’s Cold Legs:

“In the school band, we played a song called “Suicide is Painless,” which was the song they played on a TV show that everyone watched then. My father really liked that show a lot, and later he jumped off a big building, so I don’t know what that means. Like most subjects, history was not my best subject at school, and sometimes when I push the president in his wheelchair I get scared he’ll ask me a question where I have to know who was another president in history. I tried to memorize the names of every president once, but all I could remember was spumoni, because it was hot and I wanted ice cream.” (20)


2 thoughts on “buying cigarettes for the dog-stuart ross

  1. from So Sue Me, You Talentless Fucker:

    “I did not like your play, your incompetent play, with its unforgivable acting, its hideous script, its absence of stage direction, a play written by a man who had never seen a play, and I was clearly not alone, as I did not pay the other audience members to rush the stage, the seventeen other audience members.” (187-8)

    and the other one:

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