the tao of wu-rza

“The smooth music attracts more listeners-you put sugar in anything, it makes more people eat it. But it changed the public in a strange way.

If the music sounds violent-like “Bring the Motherfuckin’ Ruckus”-that gives the listener a chance to get his violence out into the air. But if you have a violent lyric on a smoothed-out beat, that violence goes straight into your mind. If you’re saying, really quietly, shit like ‘So I saw the motherfucker and I shot ’em…And I knew when he dropped that I got ’em…’ all with a smoothed-out flow? Over R&B beats? You’re not gettign it out, you’re not releasing that chi. You’re getting enticed, the pressure is building.

Gangsta comes in many forms. You can watch a movie like Die Hard, which is full of violence that’s in your face. But if you watch a movie like The Godfather, the violence is subtle-it’s in a word, a nod, a gesture. I think you walk out of Die Hard and leave something in the theater. With Godfather, you walk out with something put in you. Hip-hop is the same way. The smooth gangsta shit puts it into you-which is cool, in a way. But the hard-core shit gets it out of you, and I think that’s better. Otherwise, you have it all bottled in-you go to your car, drive home, and kill your wife.” (128)


3 thoughts on “the tao of wu-rza

  1. “Nostalgia is self-gratification for those who were there. It’s not a statement of the truth. So fuck back in the day. Open your eyes to what’s right in front of you. You’re here, now, and God is within you. Every day is a good old day.” (199)

    but that doesn’t make this any less ill. peace to teddy pendergrass (RIP)-sorry you never got any Superhead:

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