shad is perfect-buy the album today

i fawn, i fawn. it occurred to me during last night’s 90’s posse track youtube video party that it’s the energy that makes me excited about the hip hops. that’s why shad’s my favorite. that’s why nomadic’s my favorite. why black thought’s my favorite. forever ever. it was amazing to be in that basement yesterday with all those kids yelling “drop the gloves, OJ”. it was nice making other hip hop writers laugh with my aaron hall jokes (nobody knows 90’s r&b like i do, yea, i’m boasting) and bigup to addi for being the first person this decade to rock the vest with no shirt. mad love, toronto.


8 thoughts on “shad is perfect-buy the album today

  1. yo, brat rode in on a chariot in a suit of armour. and left eye’s the dime (suck my dick, hoes!). yo. yo yo yo yo yo yo yo! you should be like missy ‘steada being like mike:

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