three days before the shooting-ralph ellison

“Yes,” I lied, “I collect his records.”

“Look, man, that don’t mean a thing. A lot of folks collect him who don’t dig him. They just follow the damn crowd, who follow the dog-butted critics, who say whatever those record companies tell them to say. They talk more shit than the radio! I don’t mean to put you down, but you really don’t seem to understand the language that goes with LeeWillie’s music.” (214)

in modern times, this translates to all the people who hated on common’s electric circus (including rachid himself) and then proceeded to the dog’s ear to get J Dilla Changed My Life t-shirts printed up on february 10, 2006. boo.


3 thoughts on “three days before the shooting-ralph ellison

  1. “Although I’ll admit that between a nigra making big money and getting the vote, money is the lesser evil. A nigra millionaire, once you can stomach the idea, is a pretty safe nigra. Because if there’s anything to the old saying that there’s nothing more timid than a million bucks, then a million bucks is bond to be ten times as afraid. So don’t worry about the nigra millionaire; he’s just a nigra with more money than he knows what to do with. Y’all ever heard of one endowing?” (55)

    interesting foreshadowing comment of ball players, rappers, and Obama.

  2. the stuff that miscegenated romantic dreams are made of:

    “It was intense, it was passionate, it was brief. But during the first blush of what we both regarded as love, I considered it as the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me. For beyond the normal explosion of youthful emotion, there was a daring about it, a thrill arising from the socially forbidden made acceptable by the approbation of our friends, and rendered titillating by the hostility of those who automatically disapproved. Personally, I lived in a state of high delight. I felt that Laura endowed me with a special potency, thus I considered myself the possessor of a mysterious knowledge which gave me a swagger whenever we strolled the easily challenged streets arm in arm, eye to eye, mentally hypnotized by our daring. And all this was given further sanction by our group zeal to improve, redeem, and, if need be, revolutionize society. But basically we were in love, and in our circles it was agreed that Laura and I represented, if not the future, at least a good earnest of that time when the old conflicts left unresolved by the great war between the states (and we were nothing if not historical-minded) and the wounds, outrages, and inequities which haunted contemporary society would be resolved by transcendent love. I spent hours in Harlem.” (101)

    people. places. things. abstract idea(l)s like love and justice-our nouns keep going, round and round.

    the rest:

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