bedwetter-stories of courage, redemption, and pee

audiobooks-i’m not sure how they fit into my life, yet. yann martel swears by them, even goes so far as to recommend that the prime minister use them more in his travels around the country. i’ve always had this thing, see..this disconnect between books and a writer’s voice. i’ve often been disappointed when i hear a writer read his/her work, when i feel that his/her voice doesn’t quite live up to the one i’ve fashioned to match his/her words in my mind. i know, i know, very only-child of me. but we are of a new era in general when it comes to writers/readers/aloud/poets, etc. but then..the more things change, the more they stay the same. i suppose somebody has to inherit the legacy of wack poets. but i digress. when an “author” (yes, i am applying this term loosely in this case) reads her own work, and especially if she’s a stronger reader, as a commedienne and joke writer than a book writer, the results are interesting. i’m not sure i’m sold completely on sarah silverman‘s voice (i’m from the west coast-voice is important-2 $hort, e-40, rappin’ 4tay, richie rich, lyrics born, ice cube, etc. etc.), but i can appreciate the following quote:

“i’m actually surprised that writing a book is largely an exercise in masturbation. not literary masturbation, literal masturbation.”

well, at least she’s honest enough (or far enough removed) to say what we already know.

and i can’t page quote it because it was an audiobook. i didn’t really mean to click that from the holds page at the tpl, but i’m kind of glad i did. thanks to college/shaw (i think) for providing the listens.


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