curry is thicker than water-jasmine anita yvette d’costa

“Paulo knew he would not lose his audience. He never told a story in a hurry. I looked out of thesopotowards the hill. I could not see the villa from here, but it was imprinted in my mind. A lonely man with a sad tale. I sighed. Paulo had an irritating way of making people wait for him. His unhurried manner, as if there were nothing else in the world but that moment to be lived, his distant eyes, and his wonderfully soulful voice-a recipe for impatience.” (126)


One thought on “curry is thicker than water-jasmine anita yvette d’costa

  1. “Being a married woman is wonderful-especially when your husband is in the refrigerator. The Deshpandes soon learn that their very cooperative daughter had decided that she enjoyed being a married woman and would like to stay one. They had no control over her whereabouts. She walked through the town with the sindur, the vermilion spot on her forehead of married women, and a mangal sutra, the black-and- gold beaded necklace symbolic of marriage. She stopped and when to the movies alone.” (109)

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    “A nomadic story-teller has several advantages. He does not belong; he is free and beyond the rules of those he visits. He needs but one story and several languages; his audience is never the same and he depends on the short memory of the listeners.
    People gather, ignoring the heat of the day and the grime of the street and the dark clouds that foretell rain. Like the earth they sit upon, deprived of rain, they thirst. They thirst to hear the story they already know from times past, when walking through their shanty homes and mud paths between them, the storyteller stopped to tell his tale.” (12)

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    word is bond. i’m hoping to reap the rewards of this as a harbourfront poet.

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