aloe blacc and nomadic massive-1979 is special

ok, i don’t know why my pictures are not loading, but i should be able to paint vivid enough pictures with my words, right? saturday was a really great day in toronto, starting with resumption (had to look it up, my guess was “resumation”-proof that the innernet has made us all more susceptible  to the president bush/shaq dictionary) of the writers’ bootcamp , the making of pound history in the form of a video innerview with mister aloe blacc, who has helped me fulfill a lifelong dream of discussing neuroscience with an emcee (though he doesn’t think of himself as an emcee first and foremost anymore), and, despite all the re-routing because various festivals, i made it to wychwood barns for the first time (great venue, if a bit lacking in air circulation) to hug up my favorite canadian hip hop act, nomadic massive. as per usual, their stage presence made me sweat out my eyebrows, and it was an extra bonus that jahsun (kvc) came to sub on drums (speedy recovery to butta’s apendix). i’ma work it into a piece one day, but for the moment, i just feel the need to express how wack it is that benefits for global justice always end with the extreme wastage of food-kind of assbackwards, if you ask me.


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