the hobart shakespeareans-dir. mel stuart

“i could make more money, but i don’t think i could have a better job”

it just goes to show how important reading, teachers and teachers who read are. i’ve received many notes about the maths-first the busking from my bromance, and then the bk hip hop festival tweet about hip hop helping the learning of algebra. and i wouldn’t usually advocate the continuation of shakespeare, but rafe esquith does it so well that i can’t help it. there’s something about the closing sequence when the kids in his class clamour to name all 37 works of the playwright that i don’t believe was a (single) real person that humbled me into wanting to get myself familiar with the catalogue. it’s really esquith’s dedication to teaching everything from humility to accountability and doing it in a compassionate way so that immigrant children are not alienated or led too far away from their roots, instead, he uses shakespeare to help them get closer to themselves, their history, unlike the freedom writers’ wrangler teaching a bunch of cambodian kids about the holocaust (um, hello, way to ignore more recent and directly related genocides). teaching is an honourable profession, and i’m ever inspired by those who haven’t given up on reading. one thousand percent my recommendation to the nfb looking to watch one documentary today. (as an aside-really? eddie vedder and ghostface cameos in walk hard?)


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