#64-malvern-july 21, 2010

ok, so i’m not sure why my photos are no longer uploading here, but the library tour is still going on, though it has admittedly staggering as of late, as the remaining third are on the outskirts, but hey. the point is to get to know the city and i know which ones i go to regularly (and that my local one is the best). in related news, a dad in chicago took his kids on a library tour and had lunch in each library neighborhood there, awww. what this means to me? there’s only 87 branches there, so i know i can do that one day. after this 99, the rest of the world should be easy. but back to malvern:

“i’ve never been that far east.” -my still very help-full librarian. i’m kind of astounded at how many people have this reaction to going beyond their local neighborhood. but each time (and it’s usually library related) i go to the end of the ttc, and the middle of the srt (which really remind me of the chicago train and the skytrain), and on the sweeping routes of suburban buses, the city becomes a bit less daunting. it’s also a simultaneous reminder of how much geography it actually covers.

but, back to malvern. it’s really quite stunning. the teen area, the quiet study, even the doors themselves. i couldn’t resist looking at the dvd collection, and got the owl and the sparrow, which i think i remember hearing about from the disgrasian girls last year (didn’t tila tequila even do an ad? sigh)

bigup to the bus driver who helped me make the last minute adjustment to get on the 131 and not the 133 to get directly in front of the library (the tpl website recommends 131, 132, and 133, but 133 puts you right across the street).

because i can’t afford to go to the $75 poetry event being thrown by diaspora dialogues today (and because we have a pound meeting), i was happy to double up and witness the youth workshops that the org throws. here is a sample of the wisdom that came out of the mouth of babes:

“i always carry a book with me, so i can write down my ideas.”

“deadline? it felt normal, because i always finish things late. and because you were there, you showed me that if anything went wrong, you were responsible.”

yeah. i am also happy to report that there are residual effects of hip hop (or theatre) to ad-lib and freestyle, as evidenced by one standout presenter. also, if you talk down to youth, or try to be too hip with their lingo, you out your own insecurities with being the old guy in the club. growing up with hip hop is remembering that there are multiple ways to grow. and proudly touting the crown of “expert” is not the way to go, it’s just the emperor’s new clothes. put that on everything.


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