fighting-dir. dito montiel

all i can think of is “we’re fighting temptation…”, that and the video of jamie foxx mocking terrence howard for always acting like terrence howard. i also get a bit confused with channing tatum and josh hartnett, but i guess they both fulfill the same troubled white boy archetype. this is, like a lot of movies about new york, a great visual snapshot of the city. i think it’s important not to get lost in the hype of new york, and i say this as one of the biggest lovers of the city that you will (n)ever meet. there are so many movies about new york that even those that live there (it’s always the cats from jersey that rep brooklyn the hardest) are sometimes confused, let alone the daydreaming and bright-eyed who have never been there. just go. ride the subway (you will get lost, guaranteed, but that’s the beauty of it), eat the street food, see the free shows in the park, hit up the bryant park library complex, but love it for the reasons that you love it for, there’s room to take your space. other than the tussling, which reminds me of a certain hater of superior wrestling moves, luiz guzman also makes an appearance, so go grab your rasta monster. the soundtrack for this flick is pretty ill. i think the fact that i notice it at all is supposed to be a sign that it’s not, but pshaaaw that. it reminds me of the first time i ever coveted andre harrell’s job (as musical director of new york undercover), i suppose setting new york drama and scenery to musics will always be in my heart. tune in to WHCR 90.3 this evening from 12-3am for current examples of the dopeness.


4 thoughts on “fighting-dir. dito montiel

  1. and the scene where homegirl tries to buy the harry potter book on the street reminds me of this scene. (sigh). selling/buying books on the street is so romantic. and yes, this is a throwback to stacey dash’s work before she was every rapper’s best friend-ROSAY!

    ok, somebody seriously needs to have a mo’ money screening party. i can’t help it, that scene in the grocery store with the eggs gets me every time.

    “did my bald head give me away?”

  2. As someone who does his medics in New York among other locales, I can attest to the hype after being on the inside. That aside, i can say the best time to bite the apple (after it bites you) is the spring/summer. That is when there is an abundance of the free shows & festivals that you speaks of. The other seasons i could do without but this is my experience. As a doc, i would use extreme caution on the street food stuff (i won’t go into the stories now). I still see reruns of NY Undercover and its one of the few shows that really show you the neighborhoods of NY. Luis Guzman is one of my favorite thespians, he wouldn’t get me to drink Rasta Monster though. I will be listening to WHCR tonight per suggestion.

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