fog city mavericks-the filmmakers of san francisco-dir. gary leva

i never really thought about san francisco as being an independent hub of cinema just outside of hollywood. but i should have, because there’s a real beauty in the spirit of cities that are just on the outskirts of influential or iconic cities. in fact, i live in a great city that’s just near enough to new york that it has aspired to be it, but it’s an exciting moment of growth where we’re realizing that we’re ill for being us (i’ve said this before, but i’m say it again). in fact, i live in a country that lives in the shadow of the greatest exporter of cultural hegemony in the world. that’s kind of daunting, but kind of special. think about it-francis ford coppola (and his loinfruit, sofia) and george lucas are two of the biggest american filmmakers in the world (bigup to nehal for showing me THX-1178 or whatever lucas’ student film was called, as well as the gangstarr remake of it for the “you know my steez” video). this doc is for anyone who is interested in the process of making films, and i’ve been saying that we should have film studies classes about the evolution of films as shot by music video directors, often starring the same rappers slash actors. there’s something about that aesthetic that definitely has its place in the cannon of film history. it’s also a great reminder of the line that we must walk between artistry and dinner on a regular basis, and what we must do to finance our own projects. i’m currently reading kashif‘s book, so stay tuned for some insight that will definitely cross over.


3 thoughts on “fog city mavericks-the filmmakers of san francisco-dir. gary leva

  1. All I will say here is that the best films are usually found on the outskirts of the blockbuster (or as I like to say Block Busted), huge budget, over-hyped duds. Why? because there isn’t much money so attention must be spent on getting the story/art across. That is why one of my biggest joys is discovering a great indy film from out of nowhere (i mean really somewhere but you get what I mean). Indy (Industrious, Ingenious, Insightful)

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