what it is-lynda barry

one quarter filipina! matt groening proposed to her! (she declined!) dated ira glass! from the pacific northwest (seattle)! moved to chicago at 23 and was able to live off her comic published weekly in the reader! (the only weekly i have ever read, not skimmed). for reals, how ill is this woman? bigup my home branch, annette for providing the reads this time.

i know that the pictures enhance the words, but sometimes, the words are just that good:

“They can’t transform your actual situation, but they can transform your experience of it. We don’t create a fantasy world to escape reality, we create it to be able to stay. I believe we have always done this, used images to stand and understand what otherwise would be in tolerable.” (40)

“I wish I could draw. I wish I could write. I wish I could sing. I wish I could act. I wish I could play music. I wish I could be funny. By the 5th Grade, most of us knew it was already too late.” (80)

“If it is true, write. If it is not true, write.” (87)

“Doodles can be called mindless drawing. It’s one of the last places drawing still exists in a person who gave up on art long ago. A place where one line can still follow another without plan.” (104)

“I read: the book is brought alive. I stop reading and the book maintains its potential for aliveness.” (208)
i am listening to a philly free library podcast at this moment by steven raichlen on his book, planet barbecue: 275 recipes, 53 countried, 6 continents of great flavor, and it’s really very interesting. makes me think of that american idol contestant who did his thesis on bbq? this would’ve been a great book to research.


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