bad boys of comedy-season two

i once wrote this scathing poem letter to puff about how he was the bane of hip hop’s existence. i’m not sure what it was about being newly in viet nam post grad adjusting to being halfway around the world surrounded by family and not being able to speak the language that prompted me to take it out on sean, but it’s kind of serious. love him or hate him, the truth about the shiny suit is that he’s a consummate business, man. and that’s cool-handle just bizness, just stop rapping. 🙂 run marathons, vote or die, do broadway, and hey-make a comedy series. the comics that were assembled for this are actually quite great, and he doesn’t use this as an avenue to promote himself or perform. he gets his def poetry on, just coming through and letting doug e. fresh host like mos. i think it’s cool if you’re gonna put your name on something that you should at least show up-unlike jamie foxx’s laffapalooza, where the comics are shouting him out and bigging him up and he doesn’t even show up. here are some great points from season two:

-lesbians don’t exist. they’re faux gays. they have strap-ons, all this dick paraphernalia, which means they like dick-they just don’t like our personalities. gay men are not pretending to be anything but what they are-you don’t see them with strap-on pussies talking about “kill this”

-fiddy sounds like a narcoleptic emcee

-my wife is black, though. i liked her accent when we first met, but now she just sounds condescending. i never knew there were so many jamaicans in england. it’s like they go to england before they end up in east flatbush.

-the vagina looks like the xbox joystick, and you have to play with them the same way.

-how many of you doods watch porno together? what’s wrong with you? your girl watches porno with her girlfriends because they think it’s funny. y’all watch porno together because you’re focused. but you can’t believe the stuff you see in porno. it doesn’t work like that in real life-the money shot? have you ever tried that in real life?


5 thoughts on “bad boys of comedy-season two

  1. I wonder if Russell Simmons gets residuals from Puff from all of the copying he has done? He should at least give him a Rush Card..ha ha. I got a chance to talk to and see Rasheed before he passed and got exposure on TV in Rockland, NY. Very good guy and good at what he does, there’s no doubt he would have been a successful star comedian. Papi who lives on “3” agrees.

  2. and just when i scoffed him, i got lafapalooza 6 and jamie foxx is all over it. so, i stand corrected, and stay great-full to the TPL for having such a wide collection to school me. support your local library, y’all. the closest thing to reparations that we have.

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