one week-dir.michael mcgowan

everything about this film-the voice of god narration, the markers of canadiana (the stanley cup, tim horton’s, the landscapes, the “big things”), and the casting of the dreamy (former) teen star-is done in the way that only canadians can. it’s like we’re cursed (or blessed) with the inability make a cheesy blockbuster film, well, that is, while we’re still canadians. the ones that abdicate south start making them right quick (mike meyers, anyone?) i’ve always liked joshua jackson-you know, the pre-seth cohen. in fact, he’s from vancouver too. i once attended a music academy about a block away from his high school (his actual high school, not his dawson’s creek one) in kitts and i used to eat at the same pizza place that he did (new york style pizza, ironically). i’m surprised that we didn’t see the world’s largest hockey stick in duncan, bc but i was happy to see the cross-country tour of chosen big things. i like the exploration of the mechanics of a relationship as it goes along, and also when faced with a big speed hump like cancer. i also like the reaction to buy a motorcycle and ride across the country. i heard or read recently that air travel is actually much safer than driving, but because we feel that we have more control, we think that we’re safer. there’s a lot to that. but the real question is: “if you had one day, or one week, or one month to live-what would you do? what book would you write?” i heard pacey talk about this with strombo, and missed it when they screened it at the parkdale library last fall, but i’m glad i got the chance to check this out. i cannot wait for the library book dispensing machines slated to go into union station-whoo hoo!

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