the stepford wives-dir. frank oz

if i learned nothing else from film studies, it’s that film is at times a reflection of society, and at others, a projection of society. as with music, i wonder what motivates remakes, and it’s interesting that pop culture, like life, is cyclical. this movie is deep, though. it basically blames all the ills of male supremacy as an idea of a woman-hinting that this is what we really want-to be controlled by men. seriously, though. and putting it on the shoulders of an aging woman, too. damn. what this movie really teaches us is that white women are not to be trusted (see second wave feminism for references). also, hollywood doesn’t actually ever fully back progressive work. only that wolf in sheep’s clothing type. i can’t wait to peep the original. it’s on my list with the original peltham, 123.


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