imperial bedrooms-bret easton ellis

“The audience-the book’ actual cast-quickly realized what had happened. The reason the movie dropped everything that made the novel real was because there was no way the parents who ran the studio would ever expose their children in the same black light the book did. The movie was begging for our sympathy whereas the book didn’t give a shit.” (8)

see why the movie is always better? it doesn’t assume you’re an emotional idiot.

“You have my info,” she says. “I’ll think about it.”

“Rain,” I say. “That’s not your real name.”

“Does it matter?”

“Well, it makes me wonder what else isn’t real.”

“That’s because you’re a writer,” she says. “That’s because you make things up for a living.”


“And”-she shrugs-“I’ve noticed that writers tend to worry about things like that.” (40)

well, try writing/living/loving in hip hop, son. you’ll reach a point where you won’t know anybody’s real name, ever. but hey, it’s part of the experience.
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2 thoughts on “imperial bedrooms-bret easton ellis

  1. It’s funny because my residential hip hop experience has come to let me see that most of the true inhabitants “real names” don’t fit them at all, they are mere monikers of someone else dream or idea of who they should be. Hip hip brings out what’s really in them, hence all the crazy names. Now, remember i said most so this doesn’t apply to all. Some Tim’s are really Tim’s, and Michelle’s are really michelle’s.

  2. some tims are actually toms, and some michelles are miche’les or michie mees. i can’t believe you tricked your guest last night with “my cousin, dr. truth”.

    some folks should really consider their emcee names though, papoose-if you got a really good story behind yours, please get at me.

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