3 thoughts on “the house on childress street-kenji jasper

  1. “We are Chicken Littles with the heartfelt feeling that the sky is falling all around us. Our solution is to get money and all the material things we can so that we’ll have something to brag about to our friends right before Armageddon. We come out of the womb as cynics, our faces naturally curled into apathetic smirks.
    All of these things filter into our sense of security in our relationships. If everything around you is in decay, then why should love be any different? Why be faithful to a partner who doesn’t satisfy us in bed when there’s that person at work who can get the job done and knows how to keep his or her mouth shut? Hell, our coworkers will even watch the door so we don’t get our pay docked. Why should we bind ourselves in holy matrimony when all the married people we see and know tied the knot only because they wanted to have that ceremony they always dreamed about?” (56-7)

    we are products of our environment, but once we realize that, we are responsible for choosing to stay there..or not.

    “They all came to me like moths to a flame, seeking love and attention, seeking my time, and furthermore seeking a way out of their own problems by trying to get me to solve them for them. They kept taking until there was nothing left, until I’d reduced myself to a low-budget Tony Robbins just to make it through a meal. Yet they always wondered what had happened to the old me, never realizing that it was they who had slowly filed me away.
    I am at this bar on this night because I can’t do it anymore, because all I’ve got is two empty clips and a sword worn dull. If reciprocity is pie in the sky, then I’ll have to grow wings, because I’m tired of picking up other people’s pieces.” (61)

    “tell me who i have to be…to get some reciprocity….”

    one of the hardest truths i ever had to hear was, “if everyone you date is crazy, is it them, or it you?” and there is something to be said for people who attract those that need “fixing”, because there is a lot to be got from being someone’s saviour. let’s not forget that side of things.

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  2. “I have written in fiction about motherless children, about how their lack of female nurturing can curse them with an inability to express themselves. Those characters feel awkward in matters of emotion and can express themselves only through silence or the rawest form of anger. Is it just a coincidence that the model for such a child was so close to me? Or have I been telling Jesse Langley’s story for longer than it has appeared?” (151)

    hmm..i’ve read some other stuff about motherless children. as one, i’m a bit perplexed, because kenji says that his raised him, but refers to his “own model”. i’ve actually read that we’re quite self-sufficient and loving, really. we’re compassionate and resilient. oprah’s a motherless child. put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    Read more: http://www.myspace.com/lovethatapple/blog?bID=538363534#ixzz0x0mujavN

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