21 jump street-season one

in addition to the library tour, angela and i have decided to visit all the used book stores in town-if anyone has a lead on chrystos’ not vanishing, let us know. a few weeks ago, the river trading company was the lucky one. with resident pets and a nice reading area, the shiniest gem was the first two seasons of 21 jumpstreet for a mere $6.99 each. anyone who knows me knows that i picked up season three years ago, and how upset i was at losing disc 6 in that home invasion that saw the theft of my portable dvd player-i was more sad about losing that disc because it was dustin nguyen speaking vietnamese on primetime television. the shot of the skytrain (at that point brand new) and vancouver in 1987 trying to pass as jersey make my heart race a tiny bit. the fact that holly robinson sang the theme song (with deluise and depp doing backs) only enhances the idea of a cop show based in the high schools-kind of a preventative measure, if we really want to engage in wish-full thinking.


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