night catches us-tanya hamilton

“she said she’s working on a flick and could my clique do the score?”

i heart the library. i heart it for the materials that i know to look for, and the ones that they have that i have no idea about. even though the kid stood me up, the old lady came to do some spfranglish lessons, and before i left, i was able to pick this one up. i’ve checked out many a movie on less, but i was compelled by the combination of the actors (kerry washington and anthony mackie reunite in what promises not to be a plot about impregnating pregnant lesbians) and the physical and political setting of philly in 1976. i believe i’ve tried to articulate the difference in aesthetic of women filmmakers-the pace is slower (but not slow) and embodies a sense of detail that is hard to explain, but very easy to experience. sometimes, doods who shoot videos, get it (think atl). sometimes, doods who shoot videos, just don’t (think mcg). at any rate, this film is gorgeous to look at, the lighting, the shots, the styling, it’s an orgy for the eyes. it also doesn’t hurt that the main lovers are so perfect in form and voice (oh…the voice is so important). and speaking of aural pleasure-i literally gasped in the opening credits when i read “and featuring tariq trotter“. i somehow missed this on the cover, but the roots also do the music for this, most likely using this as one of the jumpoffs to launch “how i got over”. there are many recognizable baselines, courtesy of philly’s finest. how apt.


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