the streetknit project

the second woman my father married taught me a lot of things (the first and third did too)-and knitting was one of them. i’ll never forget that thin, baby blue thread and plastic needles. i switched to wood in later years, but last month i made a return to plastic, red this time. my knitting habits in recent years have been sporadic and obsessive, and wandering into the streetknit project was no exception. ever a library program enthusiast, i was tickled to learn that the knitting of scarves (the only thing that i’ve actually ever mastered) for the homeless was happening in the basement of my branch. i met some nice ladies, and scored 900 balls of beauty-full yarn to work with. the pictured knit-two, purl-two masterpiece is the result of my efforts the first time out, and due to its high-maintenance fabrication, it will remain in the family as long as i work on pieces that are more washable. it just goes to show, if you’re willing to part with it and it comes back to you….

the next annette street knit is thursday at 6:15, so down those green beers early (or late).


2 thoughts on “the streetknit project

  1. “but this was a cannibalistic aging teddy bear hamster. it loved to eat pate.”

    and this is just one of the gems that i can report from last night’s session. i hope the girl from the ryerson free press comes up with some good shit, as she left before this came up.

    it’s always a beauty-full thing when like-minded individuals come together. bigups to carol for casting me on.

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