bookmark-nadia bashalani

there are singers and there are sangers. there are those who insist on the right technical specs because they mount stages to bare their souls. i’ve known a lot of singers, literally and literally, but there are only a handful that i’ve been so moved by that i tear up every single time i see/hear/feel. i met nadia in montrill, and continued to share a closet through our friend tali, but now we live in the same city again, and every time we’re together we have so much fun that we’re completely tuckered out when we leave (sorry, seniors-i’ll stop seeing her on tuesday, but next week i’ll miss you again because of the revue’s book club). her first toronto show of the year happened last night at el mocambo, and she debuted her new song off the top. i’m looking forward to the subsequent shows, and the work that this artist inspires me to keep doing. here’s to bumblebees that fly, and women who know their worth.


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