i got thunder-ed. lashonda katrice barnett

“It is widely thought that describing musical experience is impossible. No matter how elegantly a writer writes, there is something fundamentally untranslatable about the power of musical experience, placing an even greater premium on documenting musicians’ experiences and thoughts on their own work.” (xiv)

it’s appropriate that i read this when i’ve done some thinking about music writing, and the motives of writers/artists. i winced at times, but acknowledging mistakes is how we grow, right?

Angelique Kidjo says in her interview:

“No one wants you to bring your misery onstage, people have enough of their own misery. They come for joy and enlightenment. So I really believe in following what inspiration brings me-not deciding beforehand to write songs that are, for example, political or songs that are sad. I won’t compromise my music for commercial success. I do a lot of compromising in my life to be able to live with everybody, to do what I love to do the most, but the truth of my songs will never be called into question. I cherish so much what the elderly singers and musicians in my country think of my music and what they taught me. I wouldn’t forfeit that for commercial success.” (32)

i’m so glad that i’ve known so many strong musicians, personally and professionally. bigups.


2 thoughts on “i got thunder-ed. lashonda katrice barnett

  1. so metrotextual:

    i couldn’t help but think of this version of the same sentiment. rather, it’s burned into my memory:

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