#72-cedarbrae-mother’s day, 2011

just as i was wondering if my proficiency in driving shopping carts could count as driving practice, i witnessed the same woman expertly parallel parking her motorized scooter in the front of the 102 bus on my way to and from the cedarbrae library. it was a gorgeous day for exploring, and the renovations are all that they promised to be (i don’t actually know if they’ve promised to be anything at all). the “just returned” section is an interesting idea, kind of like the “recommended friends” sidebar on facebook. the children’s section is amazing, and this seat reminds me of the quote about “inside a dog, it’s too dark to read”. i guess inside an elephant is an entirely different manner. i felt a bit immodest, as i took advantage of the first warm-ish day off that i’ve had to bare my legs in an obviously muslim community-the things we learn. the next one is going to be cliffcrest, a branch that i saw on the way from the bus-i love when that happens.


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