toronto stories-dir. aaron woodley, sook-yin lee, sudz sutherland & david weaver

1.75 years. that’s how long i’ve officially resided in this fine city, and unlike any of the other major metropolises of this country that i’ve previously occupied, i’m not feeling like i’m ready to go. not even a little bit. despite the growth that i’ve been challenged in/out to, i still wake up in awe and wonder, ecstatic to be here. this film is a visual overview of every noun that i love about it-i can definitely identify with the love that the filmmakers also have for this place. and if you don’t know, now you know how i feel about sook-yin lee, my fellow vancouverite. i should’ve known when i first saw her talking about eating chicken feet on muchmusic, and then pulling her foot upon the desk and mime-eating that, that she would continue to inspire me with her balls-in-pantyhose full-throttle artistic spirit. the best was when i decided i was going to stalk her upon arrival (some of my best friends are former stalkees), and she actually approached me first at the reference library, flyering for her last movie, which is one that my hoardphobic ass really wants to own. this one, i’ll resist stealing from the library, but i hope everyone watches it.


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