jeune homme-christoph schaub

despite the fact that we can order anything we want from the library sent to anywhere we want, there is still now way to know all that we want if we don’t know it. this is a roundabout way to say that visiting libraries begets the spoils of their exclusive collections. in this case, i checked out the french films at runnymede the other day when we went for the film series, and i picked up many that i haven’t already flipped through a million times at my home branch. this film represents a whole new world of possibilities, it’s french and german-ooh. i’m surprised by how many words i understand in german through my pretty ok use of french. it gives me hope of the book i have that teaches haka through mandarin. after the novelty of the language wears off in this film, i’m reminded of the reoccurring wackness that appears over and over in film. from tootsie to doubtfire to madea-men dressed as women succeed as “better” women than actual women. in this case, young dood is not in drag, but as a nanny, he’s a better mother and father than the adults that he works for. he then gets the job and the girl of his dreams and all is well. huh.

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