crash-glen mazzara

a series based on the movie. not the cronenburg one by the same name.

the one that won the academy award the year that brokeback was nominated and everybody was all disappointed, despite the fact that it was a great movie?

and yes, i know why i thought it was a great movie. i was happy to finally see a movie out of hollywood about race that didn’t a) focus only on race as a black/white issue, b) show racism “of the past” as a way to show that we are somehow so far past it, or c) too easily conflate race issues with discrimination issues of gay folk.

it came as no surprise, then, that the director was a canadian (no scientology!), and i was pretty proud of that. it’s nice to see that he (and don cheadle) were involved in the television adaptation, and although i watched the entire season raptly, i come away with mixed feelings. did it really have a point? or was it just an excuse to get away with saying really racist things on primetime? meh.

one thing’s for sure-this series had the opposite effect as treme for me about los angeles (or smell-a, as my favorite californian calls it), the west coast in general. i moved east because i can’t do wide open spaces. no witnesses, vehicle-needing, long blocks and loneliness. oh well, more for fieval, right?



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