hanoi 3 seasons-leslieville

it was so humid on wednesday, i don’t think the air moved at all before 6pm. as the sky was getting dark and exhaling (shoop shoop), i was in a car on my way to dinner. the best surprise pit stop was suggested-t&t. unfortunately, i was put on a timer, and was only able to impulse-buy asian treats (including two briefcases of rice crackers that i have not been able to consume responsibly to save my life) for twenty minutes. i was hipped to the fact that loblaws owns t&t now, they were looking for a way to “break into the asian market”. holy hell, batman. that’s why there’s so much white food in the aisles. to quote my dining partner, “asian girls have white boyfriends. that’s how it goes”. and then he takes me to a northern vietnamese place famed for all their cooking with dill. dill. now, my family’s from the south, so that’s all i need to say about that, but i was pleasantly surprised (and still kind of puzzled) by the whole experience. after all i’ve learned about pho in the past year, having it with do bien (seafood) and dill is something else. huh. i suppose there is endless potential in rebuilding. the other flick is not of pocky sticks, but our cafe sua da served in a parfait glass. vietnamese espresso and condensed milk is not a good idea at 10pm when you gotta be at work at 8 on a regular day, but on the most humid day in a thousand years when you most certainly have not hydrated properly? downright foolish. in fact, i made a similar mistake seven years ago in ha noi proper, so there.

at least this time, i was completely sure that i am exactly where i need to be.

toronto, i fucking love you. happy almost two year anniversary, boo. that’s as long as i’ve been with anybody else, so we might as well get married. i can’t wait to celebrate my shaq birthday with you.


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