tell me you love me-cynthia mort et al.

i admit it. i’ve got a weakness for hbo series‘. i see one, and even though i’ve never heard of it before, i must march it to the circulation desk and put it in my repertoire. this is exactly what happened with this show. it has all the trappings of a boring watch-three couples in therapy with a therapist who has her own marital problems, i mean-who wants to wallow in fictional dysfunction when there’s all this real-life dysfunction floating around? this is the reason that i never got into fantasy or science fiction-no need to invent other worlds when this one is perplexing enough. the thing that sets it apart, of course, is the graphic and frequent sex-i’m really not sure how exactly they’re not doing it when they’re doing it. and how this made it onto american television. but, it did. proof of non-life, right? all i could think of when i was watching it was, “damn penny, why you gotta be so cold?”. but i suppose that’s because i’ve been sucked back into the vortex that is lost. one point five seasons ’till i’m done with that one, y’all.


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