streetknit-wise daughters

“you’re such a hippie”

“i don’t mean to offend you, but if you want me to cast on for you, i will…”

i’m glad that i finally had  a chance to experience the monthly streetknit at wise daughters. it’s too bad that the thursday pilot at annette street was a bit of a fail, but it was nice to see some familiar faces. it was great to be in the company of others that squeal and clap at balls of wool, and an opportunity for an observer to soak in some amazing stories. i’m lucky to have access to such amazing knitters, so maybe i will glean some of their genius via osmosis, though i’m on a roll here with my scarves. my ladyfriend came through with my favorite yarn (pictured above) and her usual jokes, and the kind soul that cast on for me (i seem to have some kind of performance anxiety) steered me towards kids knitting books (what a good idea!) and another lady told me about knitting video tutorials. finally, i learned of the ttc knit-along (registration is now full, boo) and stitch n’ pitch, which is the best reason i’ve ever been presented to go to a jays’ game. life is beauty-full.


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