the exploding girl-dir.bradley rust gray

“and i shall…proceed…and continue…to love this life”

“i’m done with casual hand holding and kissing-it only leads to heartbreak.”

talk about lessons to re/learn. yikes. as i sweat out this summer in my humid apartment, roasting along with my chicken and doing laundry, the yerba mate cools and i’m reunited with the cbc (and it feels so good). this flick was the perfect afternoon accompaniment, it reminded me of the reason that i love humid summers, new york city, hand holding, slow shots, and indie films. i’m sure i’ve waxed verbose about the cinecenta, and how that’s where i developed my penchant to perform my artistic duty as active audience. now, the source is different but the essence is the same. my favorite part of this coming of age tale is the way that it’s shot-slow, deliberate angles (and pantsuits) and the communication of the fact that love happens in the details.

this weather is also good for suspense films, as i currently watch state of play (dir. kevin macdonald), though it’s only reminding me of that summer i spent in japan sweating it out to horror films whilst blackening my fingers with the peels of grapes.


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