this metrotextual week

tuesday was one of the most humid days of the year-so i roasted a whole chicken. i wish i would’ve gotten julia child’s cooking collection from parkdale one day earlier, but hey. i also watched the mark bittman video about leek and bacon pesto pasta that day, and couldn’t think of anything else, so i decided that i would try my hand at it, just with a slight substitution of basil for parsley. friday, i was in the studio audience for the upcoming cbc show in the kitchen with stefano faita, and i picked up some tips on making a roast beef dinner-yum. i wandered into mcnally’s for the first time, and sated my hunger (because they’re not feeding people until next week at the show) at xe lua, the spot that kills the avocado milkshake every time, and has very good nem, but the absolute wrong noodles. vermicelli is vermicelli, but hey-it’s not pho huong in the junction. yum.


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