emotions-june callwood

i still need to see her last innerview with george, but this is the one i went for when i searched the library reserves, and i’m glad.

i didn’t pull very many passages out of this one, but i’m great-full for the jeremy bentham connex, i look forward to going into the last season of lost with that knowledge. here’s the one standout:

“Some skin disorders are the body’s signal that the systems are in trouble because of sustained anger. Other common symptoms are headaches, ulcers, restlessness, chronic fatigue and poor coordination resulting in physical clumsiness.

Many see a link between suppressed anger and such grave diseases as cancer. The typical cancer patient, research shows, is a self-disciplined person who is easy to get along with. Reports to cancer societies repeatedly describe cancer victims as controlled and well adjusted, rarely showing anger or upset. Even if there has been a disaster in their lives, they insist they feel no stress. As compared with heart attack patients, however, they typically describe their childhoods as “bleak and dissatisfying,” as psychologist Cluas Bahnson once told the American Cancer Society. If they don’t get cancer, reported George F. Soloman, of Stanford’s Medical School in Palo Alto, they might develop an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, which is also the result of something the body makes itself.” (120)



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