hard sell-jamie reidy

so, we already know that the book is usually better than the movie, but as we get more comfortable in an age of music video cum movie, it’s less of a competition and more of a complement. i’m glad that i watched the dvd interviews of love and other drugs, and that jake talked reading this book written by the man upon whom his character was based. bigups to the toronto public library once again for having it. it’s interesting that the movie omits exactly how instrumental the prescriptions of viagra to women were in making it the number one drug of america, but not surprising. i learned a lot about the world of big pharma, non/selling, and fell for dood’s style- what can i say-i got a soft spot for punchlines, okay? (oh, on a related-literally and literally-note, i really liked sister maggie’s movie happy endings, that i saw recently, also courtesy of the tpl)

“Suddenly, ‘staying drug free’ had been replaced by ‘better living through pharmacology.’ Within weeks, I had begun self-medicating. If I happened to wake up in the morning with a scratchy throat, I’d start a Z-Pak. Even if the scratchiness had nothing to do with a bacterial infection and everything to do with having attended a rock concert the night before, I’d start a Z-Pak. Pretty soon, I began handing out samples to friends and family members who coughed in a way I didn’t like. Without the aid of throat cultures or even a stethoscope, I became a de facto doctor, replacing expertise in medication with access to medication. Emboldened by my early success (funny how concert-caused scratchy throats went away in two days), I branched out into antihistamine prescribing.” (63)

and this is the kind of miseducation that’s killing us all-the kind that has pharmacists recommending to women to skip the sugar pill week and take the pack straight through to never menstruate. never. aaaaaarrrrrgh. but at least, they are pharmacists.

2 thoughts on “hard sell-jamie reidy

  1. “i can’t even stomach myself-ulcer”:

    “Word of the ‘one-interview guy’ spread faster than pinkeye through a kindergarten. Had I not snagged a beer cooler from my dad’s garage the next afternoon-fifteen of us played volleyball after class every day-I may not have made any friends.” (17)

    “Viagra’s failure to relieve chest pain proved only that it failed to relax /cardiac/ blood vessels and increase blood flow to the /heart/; increased erections indicated that the drug succeeded in relaxing nontargeted blood vessels, resulting in increased blood flow to a surprising and soon to be profitable area. Researchers quickly deduced that while Sildenafil had a weak affinity for PDE 4, it had a much stronger affinity for PDE 5, an enzyme in the penis that suppresses the flow of nitric oxide, the key ingredient in causing an erection. From heart to hard-on, Viagra was reborn.” (144)

    “As recently as 1990, there were no pharmaceutical solutions for impotent men, their only options being penile implants. Guys weren’t exactly lining up to get a Terminator penis.” (169)

  2. sales pitches-real or imagined:

    “Pfizer /loved/ its Mormons. Allegedly, more than one-third of Pfizer’s entire sales force could sing the BYU fight song. I heard different theories explaining this high percentage, with the best one stating, ‘If you can sell religion door to door in a foreign language, you can sell /anything/.’” (19)

    “My logic was simple: If I went first and stank, people would still give me credit for having volunteered. Had I gone fifth or sixth and done well, it could still have been argued that I had benefited from hearing four or five other details. If I went first /and/ did fairly well, though, I’d look like a superstar.
    Bruce fell in love with me that night. In one ten-minute period, I went from problem to asset, clown to go-to guy. Consequently, I started volunteering to go first all the time. Soon, Bruce stopped accepting my offers, privately explaining that other people needed to learn to detail under pressure. Thwarted, I amended my strategy: Try to go first, but when unable to do so, offer to go /immediately/ after the worst person on the team. After all, how could I not look good on the heels of a terrible performance? Thankfully, we had some less-than-stellar detailers on our team who provided me with numerous opportunities to shine.” (35)
    “Soon, I was accidentally over-ordering a few times per week. Buddies were calling to see if they could ‘stop by with beer around dinnertime.’ I started scheduling lunches not to create more sales opportunities with doctors, but for the leftovers. My boss noticed my increase in spending and told me to keep up the good work. ‘Gotta spend it to make it, Jamie.’ That quickly became a mantra. Whereas I originally mentioned my bachelorhood by chance, I now brought it up routinely, shamelessly inserting ‘For a single guy, this is the best part of my job’ into the first five minutes of every lunch. Maternal instincts kicking into overdrive, nurses practically fought over who got to pack up my leftovers. Turns out I wasn’t alone.
    Over cocktails one night at a sales meeting, I cautiously revealed my scam to several people. I couldn’t wait to see the awe in their eyes as they secretly wished they were me. ‘You mean you just started doing that?’ one guy cackled. ‘That was, like, the first thing I figured out.’ The others nodded in agreement, and I realized I was more than a bit behind the learning curve. It wouldn’t be the last time.” (82)

    “Getting a doctor to sign his partner’s name was another successful ploy, albeit on a smaller scale. Even more so than the previous trick, this required a physician who /really/ liked me. I’d start out playfully while watching a guy sign my sheet. ‘Now, /that/ would be a tough John Hancock to copy.’ He’d normally laugh and agree, at which point I’d get the ball rolling. ‘Dr. Partner’s signature looks pretty easy, though.’ Another laugh, but inevitably he would share that sometime in his absence as part of everyday business or whatever. That was Go Time. ‘Listen, Dr. Pal, I am in /such/ a jam. I’m trying to cut out early to get a head start on my vacation, but I haven’t seen /nearly/ enough guys today, do you think you could help me out?’ He would always want to help me out. ‘Do you think you could sign for Dr. Partner?’ No one ever said no. Thanks to me, one orthopedic surgeon became so adept at signing his partners’ signatures that he joked he could have emptied their bank accounts. Ha-ha-ha.” (117)

    “During the cocktail portion of the evening, each physician was invited to sign up for a raffle to be held after the lecture. A /free/ raffle? People couldn’t wait to sign up. Curious as to what the prize would be, docs didn’t seem to notice they were signing a sample sheet. After dinner, I drew two names out of a bowl, and -what were the odds?-the two biggest orthopedic surgeons in town walked out with bottles of wine.” (121)
    “Fortunately, the Pope chose to focus on the benefits Viagra would provide married couples. Declaring that Viagra would restore vitality to many marriages, he enthusiastically supported the introduction of the little blue pill.” (179)

    go figure. this is the same man that has little girls using toothpaste as contraception in the philippines and hates on condoms like it’s nobody’s business, but give him a dick pill and all of a sudden he’s a modernist? pshaaaw.

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