One thought on “the kid-sapphire

  1. “i love you, i just don’t like you”:

    “I can’t figure out if Batty laughs like a grown-up or a maniac.” (45)

    “My mother said she didn’t know who my father was. What kinda shit is that? You don’t even know who the father of your child is. I ever have a kid I’m gonna be there, hang out with my kid. But shit, I ain’t never gonna have no motherfucking kids, least not none I know about. If I pop one of these hos from the neighborhood, it’ll be hit-and-run.” (63)

    “I felt for her what I think Roman felt for me, desire and terror, but I didn’t have what he had. He had control. My Lai had the money. I loved her, love her. But I don’t know if she loves me.” (343)

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